Mistral Yachting - The Mega Yacht Mattress

“Exclusive mattresses designed specifically for luxury yachts”

Mistral Yachting provides luxury mattresses to superyachts, each tailored to the varying needs of those onboard. It also offers a range of other accessories including pillows, cushions and mattress covers.

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Address: V. dell'Industria, 109 Bellizzi Salerno, Italy

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 08 99 81 14 6

Mob: +39 33 37 48 90 10

Mistral Yachting offers a range of uniquely designed mattresses, 100% Italian made, to yachts and superyachts. Each mattress comes with its own exclusive list of benefits.

Luxury mattresses for superyachts

Three different types of mattresses, each with a different purpose, as well as an array of accessories feature in Mistral Yachting’s product range.

Owner Class mattress

Mistral Yachting’s flagship product, the Owner Class mattress, is composed of three different types of foam, enhancing levels of comfort and breathability. In this mattress, the craftmanship and construction technique merge together to express all of the Italian passion and style in the attention to detail.

Guest Class mattress

Proposed for guests aboard a superyacht, the Guest Class mattress is inspired by one of Mistral Yachting’s best-sellers. Created entirely with foam technology, the Guest Class mattress provides great breathability and comfort.

Crew Class mattress

Mistral Yachting’s standard mattress, mainly intended for crewmembers. An extremely simple product, yet full of technology. This mattress has been designed to be as light and versatile as possible.

Other accessories for superyachts

Mistral Yachting’s other products include:

• Melody pillows
• Outdoor cushions
• Air mattress covers
• Air base covers

Mistral Yachting ensures each of its products are:

• Clean and fresh
• Safe
• Water repellent
• Incredibly breathable
• Hypoallergenic

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