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“Eclectic and immersive yacht linen designer”

E. Braun & Co. has an unrivaled selection of fine linens and accessories for yachts, homes and aircrafts. With an extensive collection, it gives customers the opportunity to create the idyllic personal space, making E. Braun & Co a crucial resource.

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Address: 457 North Robertson Bd. West Hollywood, CA, California, USA 90048

Operating: Worldwide

Tel: +1 31 02 73 43 20

E. Braun & Co. is based in the heart of West Hollywood’s design district and provides fine linens and accessories to the yachting industry. Experts in design and style, it understands the needs and requirements of its clients.

Offering a full service, it has a wide range of products from basic sheets and towels for staff quarters, elaborate linens for master or VIP staterooms, to both casual and formal table linens. With unrivaled workmanship, the designs are eclectic and immersive. From simple, contemporary designs to traditional designs with elaborate detailing, E. Braun & Co. boasts a wide scope of variety in its product offering.

Working closely with clients and designers, it develops important business relationships that last for many years. E. Braun & Co. can offer helpful guidance, ideas and creative designs alongside textiles and furnishings that are selected for client design palettes. Clients also have the option to add personal touches, such as monograms, logos or signature embroideries that can enhance the symmetry of rooms. The linens created are both delightful to the touch and visually pleasing.

The service

The service E Braun & Co. provide is personal and extensive, working on special merchandising and new sourcing. This helps the client to manage and develop the most unique project all the way to completion. The service includes detailed organisation of purchase orders arranged by room, which provides assistance to clients as a way to help manage the entire yacht, residence, or aircraft with ease. E. Braun & Co. keep complete project details on file so that reordering is seamless for both clients and the staff.

Special sourcing and service has led E. Braun & Co. to add a new product division to its assortment on a project-by-project basis, such as formal and casual porcelain dinnerware, tabletop items, crystal and glassware, and cutlery. In addition to both daily-use and premium dinnerware and cutlery, it also offers hand painted and made-to-order Limoges dinnerware collections from France, and hand forged silver cutlery from Austria. E. Braun & Co. has already designed the first exclusive collection of Limoges china. This part of the E. Braun & Co. collection is in its infancy but will grow to be as eclectic, unique, and extensive as the linen collection.

It has been sourcing and selecting fine linens and home accessories for close to three decades, with the concierge-based business truly being a personal home couturier. It creates linens and home accessories that can be found nowhere else.

E. Braun & Co. is where the quest for the perfect home begins. Contact them today for all of your yacht linen needs!

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