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“Experienced marine carpet and flooring specialists based in Cannes”

Sorev is a respected marine carpet specialist in Cannes with over 25 years experience in the trade. Sorev is renowned for supplying top quality carpets and vinyl floorings for guest accommodation on board yachts.

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Address: Le 16 Republique, 3 Rue des Mimosas Cannes, France / Monaco 06400

Operating in: France / Monaco and Italy

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 39 25 84

Mob: +33 (0)6 12 51 61 49

Sorev, led by Francois and Christophe, is a reputable marine carpet company with its enterprise and showroom based in Cannes, France. With over 25 years experience, Sorev has become specialists in quality carpets and vinyl floorings for all interior and accommodation areas.

Marine carpets and flooring

Sorev is able to provide:

• Carpets
• Vinyl flooring
• Dock mats (with company logo)
• Rubber flooring (with underlay)

The fabrication of carpets with special finishing bindings are fitted and sold with underlay and grippers.

Sorev provides exclusive vinyl for the galley, laundry room and crew bathrooms, as well as dock mats with a client’s company logo and resilient rubber flooring for engine room compartments (with IMO-classified flame retardant underlay).

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