English Braids

English Braids is a leading British manufacturer of ropes specialising in superyacht rigging. Based in Worcestershire, its product range covers all leisure marine applications ranging from technical mooring systems to performance running rigging.

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Address: Spring Lane Worcestershire Malvern, United Kingdom WR14 1AL

Tel: +44 (0)16 84 89 22 22

A privately owned British manufacturer of synthetic ropes, English Braids’ products are renowned for their strength and reliability and they have been paramount in a number of critical situations where quality standards and service are vital.

English Braids offers premium, high-quality mooring line, available in bespoke lengths and finishes to a customer’s exact requirements. The team can cut and factory splice to desired lengths, normally with one eye splice and leather becketting if required.

Its range of Dyneema® docklines are the premium choice for all superyachts. The team at English Braids make these ropes to order and are available with factory-spliced eyes.

English Braids products meet the demanding specifications of superyachts engineered mooring systems to the ever-increasing demands of running rigging. In partnership with DSM Dyneema®, English Braids is able to produce the highest quality technical fibre used in performance ropes.

The team at English Braids is proud of its reputation for best-in-class quality, reliability, performance and innovation, backed up with first-class support. Sailors, riggers and OEM manufacturers around the world continue to use the English Braids brand for its reliable and high-quality work.

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