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What the yachting world needs

, Carpenter of 60m+ super yachts - 02/10/2014-11:54
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As a yacht carpenter I noticed when leaving the UK it was hard to get good quality materials and products, I contacted Thinkboat and received immediate help and advice on sourcing everything I needed, Thinkboat managed to source specialised interior products which until now I have only ever been able to get from Barcelona and Rome. As well as all of this I needed quick safe delivery as the yacht I work on like many others moves constantly, so including the time it took to get materials in stock and packaged it took 4 days to get to Barcelona which is exceptional. This service is what the superyacht industry needs and I can not rate Thinkboat enough.

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Can't fault them

, Chartered Surveyor of 20m to 30m Into the deep - 05/08/2014-15:51
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I ordered some Williams 385 service parts through, which were shipped out to me in Palma. I cannot fault their service.

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