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Address: 1A St Mark St. Valletta, Malta VLT364

Tel: +356 79 61 41 71

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Thanks Julien!

, Audit practitioner Corporate Services Professional - 04/06/2015-09:35
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I have had the pleasure of working with Julien soon after his relocation to Malta and have been impressed by his dedication and attention to detail in his work, both for the services rendered to me and as also the services rendered to the acquaintances that I have recommended him to.

Julien being the energy and engine room behind the expansion that 4 Yacht Care is achieving in Malta, has proven to be reliable and always available when you need him, (even to some very demanding clients) and it provides peace of mind to have a trustworthy person taking care of what needs to be done (and more) with integrity, in a cost effective manner.

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Very pleasant to work with him

, Master mariner of 41m to 50m M/Y Kriss - 04/06/2015-09:34
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Julien from 4 Yacht Care used to work on M/Y Kriss as day worker. He is a good team player, with positive attitude and always helpful with all the crew. I would say that it's very pleasant to work with him and I recommend him .

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Thank you very much

Chef, Pituxin - 03/06/2015-14:05
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I want to give a big thanks to the the company 4 Yacht Care for their service and the punctuality (which is very difficult to find in Malta). Your products are great, typically French and very good for storage - a big plus for the boat when you donĀ“t have much space in the fridge thanks to the vacuum pot. You are very helpful to all on the boat, you always find our specially ordered product in record time and you never let us down.

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