Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems B.V

“Experienced superyacht cleaning installations and accessories provider”

Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems develops innovative superyacht cleaning products and accessories. All products are manufactured and assembled in its specialist workshop, and are custom-made to suit the requirements of all clients.

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Address: PO Box 335 Waalwijk, Netherlands 5140 AH

Operating in: France / Monaco and Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)4 16 69 50 95

Based in Waalwijk, Netherlands, Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems produces wash systems for new-build and refit superyachts, channelling the expertise it has accrued across 15 years in the marine industry.

Its dedicated team are constantly working on new developments, techniques and innovations, with the objective of providing answers and solutions to any client request.

Superyacht wash systems

Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems manufactures and assembles all its products in a specialist workshop. It is able to create 100% custom-made products, which ensures compatibility with any yacht.

With easy accessibility to its company and vast dealer network, communication with clients is guaranteed to be fast, efficient and flexible. If a client’s wishes extend beyond what is ordinarily offered by the company, Baudoin or one of its dealers will strive to translate all of a client’s needs into a fully customised product.

Reverse osmosis system for yachts

Using its innovative reverse osmosis system, superyachts can be cleaned without the use of soaps. Another advantage of this system is that it renders drying after cleaning unnecessary.

Taking market feedback on board and using to aid further developments, Baudoin is proud to offer products made for – and by – the superyacht industry.

Superyacht cleaning and washing products

Baudoin offers a range of products/systems, including:

• Baudoin Aqua Force Pure Water unit
• Ocean Series Trend Line poles
• Ocean Series brushes
• Ocean Series accessories
• Ocean Wash-Tender

Contact Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems today to discuss your superyacht wash system requirements with its friendly and helpful team.

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