ENJO is a company that can help save time and money – for over 25 years it has pioneered environmentally friendly technologies for optimal cleaning, and its sophisticated ENJOtex fibre products can clean yachts without chemicals – using just water.

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Address: Mobile Service Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07610

Operating in: Spain

Tel: +34 600 46 79 95

Very fast and efficient

, Chief Stewardess of 51m to 60m M/Y J'Ade - 14/06/2018-12:37
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Tanja from Enjo offers a friendly approach with an extensive knowledge, having been a Chief Stewardess previously. Tanja really understands the key aspects of the job, this helps to find the exact product for the job in hand. We continue to be very happy with the service from both Tanja and Enjo. Very fast and efficient. The product sells itself I would highly recommend this product and her service.

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Converted most of my friends

, Chef of 31m to 40m M/Y Integrity - 01/06/2018-08:39
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We changed three years ago and it has saved not only time and money, but the finishes on the boat as well. We all know how much chemicals damage paint work, wood, marble, etc. (especially with newbie crew that haven’t a clue what product to use on what surface!), but with ENJO you only need water.

As a chef my hands used to take a terrible beating with all the soap and products I used cleaning. ENJO cleans everything, including streak-free glass, marble, granite, wood and stainless steel. The ENJO system costs the same as one season of cleaning products and we haven’t had to replace anything yet. This season we bought the laundry soap and its amazing. Because it is so concentrated you only need 20ml for a load, we use use 40ml because we have bigger washers, but it works out cheaper than the supermarket brands. It has a pleasant citrus scent, biodegradable and if used directly on stains gets just about everything out. No need for bottles and bottles of different products for different stains.

I can’t recommend this system highly enough. Most of my friends on boats have converted and they have never looked back.

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Immediate results

, Chef FCC Angkor - 01/06/2018-08:37
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As a chef with 17 years worldwide experience – six years in yachting and private service – I have very high standards and expectations of hygiene and sanitation. I was first introduced to ENJO products around five years ago while working in Mallorca and the results were so immediately effortless and impressive that my wife and I implemented them into our home on the very same day. Despite regular use and abuse, those same cloths are still yielding the same results as the first day we got them.

When we were employed three years ago to help establish a luxury river cruise on the Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam, ENJO was one of our first stipulations to be used on the entire vessel inside and out. From an efficiency perspective they are indispensable, the time and effort saved when using ENJO products is incredible, and the training time required is insignificant. Not only do they clean deeper and more thoroughly than the myriad combinations of products normally required for the same jobs, the time, effort and cost normally associated with regularly shopping for and storing vast amounts of products is priceless.

Another side benefit of using ENJO products, storage space and weight normally committed to cleaning products can now be reclaimed for alternate uses once bottles are replaced with cloths. I can’t recommend these products highly enough; they are now as essential to my basic kit as my favourite knives.

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