YAS Protec Sanitary

YAS Protec Sanitary boasts knowledge and expertise in the fields of mechanical protection and has worked on the most prestigious yachts in the world. It offers services and specific disinfection products to superyachts.

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Address: 7 Bis Rue du Pontis Valbonne, France / Monaco 06560

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 60 69 56 50

Since 2003, YAS Protec Sanitary has provided products and services to the superyacht industry, with experience in mechanical protection and hermetic confinements on board superyachts.

Selected from the largest European manufacturers, the sanitary products provided by YAS Protec Sanitary are partly reserved for use in medical environments, such as hospitals and laboratories, and therefore meet CE standards and can be used in any environment at ease.

YAS Protect Sanitary ensures work can be done in a safe environment by:

• Regular disinfection during the construction period (technical shutdown, refit and construction), allowing sub-contractors to work in total safety, whilst reassuring the crew
• Implementation of tailor-made containments to separate work areas, facilitate decontamination and limit the risks of microbial and viral spread
• Global disinfection when the work is complete before the yacht is brought back into operational condition

YAS Protec Sanitary disinfection kit for superyachts

The YAS Protec Sanitary disinfection kit is adapted to suit both private or commercial yachts and ships, allowing simple application throughout all cleaning procedures carried out by the crew. The kit consists of disinfectant products that are used in both aeronautics and medical environments, therefore providing maximum efficiency. The kit also offers personal protective equipment which ensures the safety of its users, and contains suitably approved products and detailed instructions, allowing the crew to carry out regular professional sanitation.

The yacht disinfection kit combines excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties, and ensures the protection of owners, guests, passengers and crew members.

YAS Protec Sanitary and Men in White partnership

YAS Protec Sanitary and Men in White joined as partners in the face of the pandemic to offer professional solutions that can adapt to the decontamination of any yacht. The partnership meets the expectations of the yachting industry, allowing vessels to finally resume activity as crew can work in complete safety.

For an expert superyacht decontamination service, contact YAS Proc Sanitary today!