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Tailored Marine Services


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Address: 15 Lower Spinney, Warsash Southampton, United Kingdom SO31 9NL

Tel: +44 (0)84 50 54 27 73

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I highly recommend them!

, Yacht master - 24/07/2015-16:22
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Tailored Marine Services sea survival and first aid training was fascinating and has given me the confidence to safely plan longer passages than ever before.

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Real experiences

, Director Wet-Charters - 24/07/2015-16:21
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There are many sea survival schools to choose from, but the ‘value add’ with real experiences and extensive ‘hands on’ knowledge, for me, sets Tailored Marine Services apart from the others. I highly recommend TMS and will continue to put my students through TMS training.

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Thank you TMS

, Yacht master and off shore racing skipper - 24/07/2015-16:20
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Tailor Marine Services (TMS) were recommended to me because of its instructor’s enormous and fascinating practical experiences, not simply its academic RYA accreditation. Real life experiences are more valuable than PowerPoint slides and TMS certainly offers this and more. The training was intuitive, educational, fun and look forward to putting my next crew through TMS training, thank you TMS.

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