The Yacht Purser offers an online yacht purser course which provides aspiring pursers with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their first purser role. It also offers crew career coaching and links superyachts with shore-based pursers.

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Sandra Jordaan, owner of The Yacht Purser, boasts ten years’ experience working aboard both private and charter yachts, ranging from 35 – 91 metres (115 – 299 feet), as well as a diploma in Superyacht Management from MTA and an undergraduate commerce degree with honours. Sandra is an internationally accredited life coach and student of Tony Robbins.

The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course

The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course, aimed at aspiring pursers and interior managers, is intended to be taken slowly and in the students’ own time from the comfort of their home or cabin.

Students receive weekly group calls with the trainer for the duration of the eight-week course and have six months to complete the assignments. Assignments mimic the day-to-day tasks that are necessary to master before stepping into a purser role.

Course topics

The course topics include:

• Purser role and leadership
• Yachting regulatory environment
• Port clearances (customs and immigration)
• Crew management including payroll and leave
• Charter management including APA accounting
• Destination management and itineraries
• Budgeting and accounting
• Use of MS Office for the purser role

In order to enrol, students are required to have at least two years’ experience working on board a yacht over 60 metres (197 feet) or one year of experience working on a cruise ship as a purser.

Remote purser services

Yachts in the region of 50 – 65 metres (164 – 197 feet) that do not have a berth for a purser can benefit greatly from delegating administrative tasks to a shore-based purser. Freeing up the captain and heads of department allows crew to focus on the guest experience. It can create an overall cost-saving through crew retention and minimising burnout, ensuring proper budget management, reducing mistakes on board and increasing the reputation of the vessel.

The Yacht Purser can assist with:

• Crew leave tracking
• Payroll
• Yacht accounting
• Certificate management (crew and vessel)
• Crew travel arrangements and documentation
• Port clearances
• SOP creation
• Visa documents
• Destination management and itinerary creation

Contact The Yacht Purser today to find out how to give your yachting career a boost or ease the workload of crew on board.

Excellent Purser Course

, Purser N/A - 09/03/2020-17:24
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I totally enjoyed the Ultimate Yacht Purser Course.
Sandra is amazing, super knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the 8 weeks and beyond.The course itself is very comprehensive. The assignments are very detailed and true to life examples of purser work. I feel very confident to go back on to yachts in a purser position. I am so happy I did this course. Thank you Sandra!

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