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“Worldwide provider of annual lifting inspection and five-year tests"

AM Defence & Marine specialises in worldwide statutory lifting inspections, five-year load tests for lifting appliances/tackle and LSA. It offers equipment supplies (for new build and existing yachts) and bespoke training courses.

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Address: 3 Old Barn Farm Road, Woolsbridge Industrial Estate, Three Legged Cross Dorset, United Kingdom BH21 6SP

Operating in: France / Monaco and United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 812488

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AM Defence & Marine’s team of experienced engineers are trained to make statutory inspections & tests simple and effective.

The engineer specialist knowledge brings an awareness of potential hazards, an understanding of the superyacht environment and terminology and proven working methods, that enable him to test cranes and overhead beams, even when access is awkward. The company is a Lloyds Registry Approved Service Supplier to test lifesaving appliances.

Truly global coverage

A&M engineers work in all major superyacht hubs like Barcelona, Florida, Italian Riviera, South of France and even Australia, New Zealand and the Far East

Lifting equipment statutory inspections and testing (worldwide coverage)

Lifting Plant Regulations require that Lifting Appliances should be tested every 5 years and inspected every 12 months by a competent person. Lifting tackle should have an original test certificate and be inspected every 12 months by a competent person. A certificate in the prescribed format should be issued in accordance with the statutory regulations. A&M would provide this service for the client.

Lifting Appliances will include

• Fixed lifting points
• Swings jibs
• Davits – rescue boat and lifeboat (LSA)
• Runway beams
• Overhead cranes
• Deck cranes
• Hoists
• Pull lifts
• Chain blocks
• Trolleys
• Embarkation ladder eyes

Lifting Tackle will include

• Sheave blocks
• Wire slings
• Webbing slings
• Safety harnesses and lanyards
• Eyebolts
• Shackles
• Jet ski and tender slings

Man Riding

• Over side rails (Harken tracks or other EN795 approved tracks)
• Harness anchor points
• Rescue tripods

Means of access – 12 monthly inspections and 5 yearly tests

• Accommodation Ladders
• Gangways
• Brows
• Pontoons and Platforms
• Passarelles

Lifting equipment management system (LEMS)

LEMS was developed by A&M in order to make it easy for its clients to keep track of the inspection status of their lifting equipment.
Each item of equipment is logged onto a database by its engineers which shows at a glance, a description, the location, the safe working load and when the next mandatory test/ thorough examination is due.

The system can output reports about the equipment as well as valid test certificates which fully meet the current legal requirements. A&M provide its clients with either CD-ROM, memory stick or internet access to their database.
When implementing LEMS for the first time, a thorough site survey is carried out in order to ascertain which equipment is in need of a valid test certificate. If an item has a valid certificate, the equipment is inspected. If not, it is tested and inspected, and a new certificate is issued.

All the survey information is then entered into its database, and a read only copy issued to our clients, enabling them to access information about all their equipment at the touch of a button. Our reminder system prompts our clients when inspections and tests are required. It is essential to act on these reminders in order to keep equipment operating legally.

Equipment supply

A&M can provide an extensive stock of loose tackle & bespoke equipment for new build or existing yachts.

Equipment supply includes (but isn’t limited to):

• Bespoke tender ‘man riding’ slings
• Tylaska and Schat Harding Hooks
• Bespoke jet ski slings
• Chains blocks, slings & shackles (SS)
• Ropes, lines & lashing gear
• Harnesses, lanyards & fall arrest equipment

All equipment is certified & included on yacht Lifting Equipment Management System.


A&M have decades of experience in planning and managing lifting operations and safety systems for working at height. It has taught the business the value of working safely and efficiently, and doing the job right, first time. Its qualified trainers bring that same ethos to our courses.

It delivers bespoke and pre-approved courses in lifting operations, manual handling, and working at height – from introductions for new starters, to advanced training for supervisors and appointed persons.

• Safe use of lifting equipment: One full day for up to eight participants
• Working at heights training: One full day for up to eight participants

Each participant will receive a certificate which is valid for three years.

Don’t hesitate to contact AM Defence & Marine for a quote!

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WAH Online Seminar

, Chief Officer of 60m+ P/Y Queen Miri - 28/04/2020-11:55
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

A very informative course that was superbly delivered. Thanks again.

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Chain Register - Load testing and annual Inspections

, Chief Officer of 60m+ Planet Nine - 29/03/2020-13:55
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

From the original contact with the office to the technicians working onboard and receiving the final test certificates, A&M Defence has been excellent.

Using their LEMS program, at the push of a button you can pull the history for every piece of lifting equipment tested.

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Great System and Service

, Chief Officer of 60m+ Motor Yacht Cloudbreak - 01/03/2020-01:56
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Great company, very quick to respond to emails and assist with any questions.

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Great work by AMDM as always

, Chief Officer of 60m+ MY Andromeda - 24/02/2020-16:58
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

AMDM are always a pleasure to work with, they make arranging the annual lifting gear survey an easy process. There work is always timely and to a high standard. This year we had the pleasure of having Chris on board who really knew his stuff and just felt like another crew member for the three days he was here.

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