Asea Power Systems

ASEA is proud to provide the naval architect and engineer with every feature required for their shore power converter needs. They have a wide range of products and services available, aimed specifically at the yachting industry.

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Address: 15272 Newsboy Circle Huntington Beach, CA, California, USA 92647

Tel: +1 714 896 9695

Marine power conversion equipment

Asea is a leader in the design and fabrication of marine power conversion equipment and offers high performance, compact and lightweight shore power converters ranging from 8-105kVA (1Phase) to 25-1000kVA (3 Phase).

Shore power converters

With over 2,700 installations worldwide, ASEA has established a large network of professional service organisations that provide presale support, installation support and after sales service on shore power converters that are usually ½ the weight and volume of most competitive models.

ASEA offers over 100 models

A wide assortment of over 25 different cabinet sizes, which include vertical (small footprint), horizontal, bulkhead, modular and standard deck mount. Each air or liquid cooled converter has a stainless steel enclosure and is powder coated to meet the demanding standards required by the marine industry.

Yacht shore power converters

Asea power converters are capable of accepting any worldwide input power form and supplies the vessel with the appropriate output power form.