Electrical Marine International Ltd

With over 25 years’ experience in the marine industry, Electrical Marine International Ltd is a team of yacht electrical engineers specialising in shore power converters and power management systems.

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Address: Mobile Service Antibes, France / Monaco

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 07 21 30 38

The official service centre for ATLAS Marine Systems since 2001, Electrical Marine International offers commissioning, warranty and non-warranty, on shorPOWER® converter systems and TecPOWER® main switchboards. This includes shore-to-generator, generator-to-shore and generator-to-generator seamless transfer setup and calibration services.

Electrical Marine International’s team of experts specialise in converting and preparing boats and yachts from the USA and Europe for worldwide cruising.

Electrical Marine International, the official service centre for ATLAS Marine Systems, has been installing frequency and shore power converters to motor and sailing yachts of all sizes, worldwide, for 18 years. It works on a range of different yachts, from installing shore power converters on J-class yachts one day, to 120-metre yachts the next.

With 14 years’ experience as a chief engineer on superyachts from 30-75m+, Electrical Marine International understands yachting. The team has worked with a number of world-renowned yacht builders, with hands on experience and close interaction.

It offers a technical consultancy service for yacht management companies, engineers, captains and owners.

Electrical Marine International also provides PLC programming on analogue systems, embedded logic programming on solid-state systems and extensive diagnostics, fault-finding services and repairs. Whether a client’s batteries are not charging, generators won’t start, equipment is overheating or having electrical failures – Electrical Marine International is on hand to help!

Infrared thermal surveys

Using state-of-the-art infrared cameras, the team can non-intrusively find:
• Hotspots
• Failing bearings
• Heat signatures
• Loose connections
• Hotspots on coils
• Over temperature of circuit breakers
• Exhaust over temperatures
• Exhaust leaks
• Blockages in hydraulic lines, fuel lines or pipes

Electrical surveys

Electrical Marine International provides inspection and surveying services on all on-board electrical equipment ranging from:
• Main switchboards
• Sub distribution panels
• Control circuits
• Air conditioning
• Sewage treatment plants
• Electrical machinery
• AV and entertainment systems
• Galley equipment
• Winches and windlasses
• Pumps
• Generators

The team then follow up with a detailed report and recommendations.

Electrical Marine International has recently opened an office in Dubai, and is frequently found working in France, Palma, Croatia, Montenegro, Barcelona, Italy and the rest of Europe, as well as the Middle East and China.

Contact Electrical Marine International, the official service centre for ATLAS Marine Systems, today for quotations, consultancy and advice.