MESYS (Mediterranean Electrical Supplies for Yachts and Ships)

“Expert distributer of electronic equipment for the yacht industry”

MESYS provides electronic equipment to the yacht industry. Specialising in the distribution of cables that are specific to the marine sector, in partnership with CAE-TKF, it meets the important needs of tariff competitiveness.

Contact MESYS (Mediterranean Electrical Supplies for Yachts and Ships)

Address: Enceinte Portuaire Porte 4- Forme 9. Marseille, France / Monaco 13016

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)4 96 16 14 71

Part of the Yachtelec group, MESYS operates across France, Spain and Italy, and has large storage spaces situated within the Grand Maritime Port of Marseille. It focuses on great responsiveness and immediate provision of cables and electrical equipment, whilst ensuring that it meets marine standards.

MESYS marine cables

MESYS provides cables that are specifically designed for marine conditions. The cables meet both international and navy standards, with the products certified by some of the largest independent laboratories, such as Burea Veritas, Lloyds, DNV and ABS. MESYS offers a range of different cable solutions for different areas, these can include:
• Food
• Lighting
• Data transmission
• Instrumentation
• Networks
• Fire safety

MESYS electrical equipment

MESYS is a distributer of the largest brands in marine electrical equipment, whilst offering the installation according to specific needs and requests. It offers a range of products and services, these can include:
• Distribution equipment
• Protective equipment
• Signalling equipment
• Instrumentation
• Chargers and batteries
• Fire detection
• Safety lights
• Ambient lighting
• Sound and light alarms
• Navigation lights

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