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“Family-owned business, specialising in MTU and Detroit Diesel engines”

Marine Propulsion Diesel Services (MPDS) is a family-owned business that offers expertise on a wide application of engines, from pleasure craft to commercial vessels, specialising in MTU and Detroit Diesel Marine engines and electronics.

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Address: 29333 Abelia Rd Canyon Country Santa Clarita, CA, California, USA 91387

Operating throughout: Caribbean USA

Tel: +1 561 405 0032

With over 28 years’ experience working for engine manufacturers and distributors, MPDS has partnered with the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy, and serviced Governmental vessels, ferries, motor yachts and mega yachts.

Open 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, the California-based business welcomes all enquiries and questions, and offers its flexible, reliable and dedicated service internationally with a focus on the Caribbean.

Marine diesel engine applications

Its professional engine services includes electronic troubleshooting and technical support, as well as diesel surveys with diesel engine inspections, diesel engine re-powers and engine/propulsion running procedures.

In regard to diesel propulsion issues, MPDS provides technical advice for propulsion operations and experimental investigations with engineering support. MPDS utilises a workshop facility for major repairs and overhauls, and offers warranties for all engines it is responsible for.

Comprehensive engine and propulsion system surveys

MPDS offers engine and propulsion system surveys to its customers, including:

• Inspections of engines, propulsion systems and electronic propulsion systems.
• Fluid analysis including fuel, coolant and oils for engines, generators and gear boxes. All samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis. If any abnormal materials are found an investigation is necessary for preventive repairs.
• Commissioning inspections: This full inspection is performed for the customer before the pre-purchase of the yacht. Included are the cylinder bore scope inspections and vibration analysis, engine loads and engine performance under a computer recording during the sea trials.
• After a sea trial is complete and the fluid analysis are returned from the laboratory, a full inspection report with all results would be given to the client.
• Annual inspections and surveys.
• Full maintenance offer with inspections; daily or monthly maintenance in case the yachts are chartered.
• A complete maintenance supervision under factory specifications is offered to the customer during surveys.

Surveys give the client a breakdown on how the engines and entire propulsion systems are running under factory specifications.

Pleasure and commercial craft engines serviced

MPDS undertakes servicing on a range of marine engines, including:

• MTU Series 2000 - PLD and CR
• MTU Series 4000
• MTU Series 396
• MTU Series 1163
• MTU Series 8000
• MTU Electronics
• DDEC Electronics
• Detroit Diesel Marine Engines

Contact Marine Propulsion Diesel Services today to discuss your marine engine requirements.

Additional Information

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Starboard ME Troubleshoot and Repair

, Captain of 31m to 40m Inspired - 11/06/2020-20:34
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We were presented with a difficult scenario on our SB ME that could have taken much longer to diagnose and repair if we wouldn't have had such an incredible team with Luis and Matt at MPDS. I couldn't be more pleased with their professionalism, knowledge, promptness and genuine approach. I wish them all the success in their future endeavors and can't recommend them highly enough!

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MPDS did a great job!

, Engineer of 31m to 40m M/Y Golden Boy 2 - 03/06/2020-17:27
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MPDS came by my yacht for a W4 echelon service for MTU 16v2000’s. In addition to this service we replaced the turbos, serviced the after coolers, new mounts for the port gear box, shaft alignment on the port shaft, and also replaced a few coolant sensors on the starboard main. MPDS was professional, clean, thorough, and we all had a great time working together. I would highly recommend Luis and his team to any other yacht looking for quality work.

Thank you MPDS.

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A service you can rely on

, Yacht Broker Alexander Marine USA - 12/12/2018-12:02
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We have been using Luis Vardidni and his Marine Propulsion Diesel Services' team for approximately four years now, for our MTU and Caterpillar service needs. His customer service is excellent and I have no problem recommending his work to my clients.

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Can confidently recommend their service

, Marine Engineer HMS President - 10/12/2018-14:18
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Luis Huerta V performed the pre purchase engine survey for our 2010 80 Ocean Alexander M/Y. The Vessel has twin MTU 10V2000 M93 1,500 engines with ZF gearboxes. Luis performed the survey and oil analysis using his MTU computer. This included RPM, turbo, fuel pressure and oil pressure readings to compare to factory standards. After acceptance, Luis performed a complete maintenance schedule on the engines and gearboxes. This included oil, filters, 1,000 hour valve adjustment, rebuilding rwa water pumps, belts, racor filters, barnacle cleaning of all heat exchangers and gearbox valve body leak, as well as replacing all coolants.

We had a leak of coolant in the port engine. Luis dismantled the turbochargers, aftercooler and positive crankcase ventilation apparatus to locate the leak. The leak was determined and Luis re-assembled the engine. Luis also performed scheduled maintenance on 2-25KW northern light generators. Luis is extremely knowledgeable on the MTU engines. He has all of the equipment and documentation to perform any type of service on these engines.

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Yacht broker

, Yacht Broker of 20m to 30m Fraser - 23/10/2018-17:49
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have used Luis Vardini and the team from Marine Propulsion Diesel Services for everything ranging from service, survey, and complete engine rebuild; Luis has met and exceeded all of the challenges presented, and I recommend MPDS without hesitation.

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No problem recommending Mr. Huerta

, Captain of 20m to 30m Miss. Doris III - 23/10/2018-10:26
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have had the pleasure to know Mr. Huerta since Dec 2012 when I contracted his services to diagnosis the engine problems in the yacht M/Y West ship 106 Miss. Doris III. This vessel is fitted with two main propulsion diesel engines, MTU 8V 396 TE 94.

The vessel had been inspected by three different companies including the Distributor, and taken for a sea trial where
they tested on many occasions without success. Mr. Huerta impressed me with his knowledge on the MTU product range and his professional manner to perform the complete overhaul on these diesel engines. I later hired Mr. Huerta’s services to remove two diesel engines, MTU 12V 396, from M/Y Island Heiress Cheoy Lee 145” , this vessel was going to re-power with other engines.

I also recommended Mr. Huerta to another client with the same type of vessel, West Ship 106 Loosend, to perform a complete W-6 overhaul for two main propulsion diesel engines MTU 8V 396 TE 94, with excellent results. Later I recommended him to a customer with a Lurseen 41-metre M/Y, he performed a complete overhaul for two main propulsion diesel engines.

When servicing MTU 16V 396 TB 94, his performance finished with excellent success. I recommended Mr. Huerta also for motor yachts and mega yachts with MTU series 4000 and series 2000 MTU, for a repair and diagnostic or anything related to the main propulsion.

I have many years of experience in the marine business and I don’t have any problem recommending Mr. Huerta for any MTU marine diesel engines repairs.

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Many thanks to MPDS

, Captain of 20m to 30m Argosea - 17/10/2018-10:02
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I would like to say thank you, to you and your technicians for the extensive engine repairs completed on the yacht Argosea, a seventy foot Johnson. You started by examining the two MAN D2842 V12 diesel engines thoroughly and noting any discrepancies with the engines and its systems. A detailed report was given to me, the yachts captain/ manager, and the owner on-board the yacht so we could see in person as you carefully described and showed us the repairs that needed to be completed. Your printed report to us was detailed, informative and it included a cost breakdown for parts and labor, and a timeline for repairs.

All work was completed with care and attention to detail. The duration of the project was completed fairly close to the projected timeline allowing for slow delivery of some parts from Germany. The engine room was left clean and all access points were carefully covered with tarps to ensure no damage to the decks and walls.

I would like to note that when I first met Luis we talked about his experience being contracted to repair U.S Coast Guard Ships and patrol boats. Not just anyone gets these prized contracts and to be competitive you must be very experienced and competent. I know, I served thirty years in the Coast Guard and I know how hard those vessels are operated and what it takes to keep them up and running. Thanks Luis!

I'm very happy with the work performed by Luis and his crew and I would absolutely recommend MPDS for their service skills and experience to any yacht owner or captain.

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Great job

, Captain of 31m to 40m Miz Doris - 15/10/2018-22:33
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I would like to thank Marine Propulsion Diesel Services for the fine workmanship and honest business ethics exhibited while working on the 32m yacht, Miz Doris 3.

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Outstanding performance

, President of 31m to 40m Elite Yacht Management, Inc - 12/10/2018-15:08
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This is to verify the outstanding performance Marine Propulsion Diesel Services has completed on a 4,000 hour service, on motor yacht Surfrider. She is equipped with twin MTU V8396 engines. Their team assembled the engines in a very tight time crunch and got us up and running for an important journey ahead.

We have used them for our other vessels in fleet, with MTU series 60 main engines, MAN engines. We will definitely use MPDS as our main source of engine repairs.

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Very knowledgeable

, Managing Partner Patterson Capital Management, LLC - 09/10/2018-23:30
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Very knowledgeable about products and prompt attention to problems.

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Highly recommended

, Superyacht Sales Borker Northrop & Johnson - 09/10/2018-18:55
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Highly recommend Marine Propulsion Diesel Services for an excellent job completed on behalf of my client owner of the yacht. Luis and his team completed the major work scope under budget and on time. In addition, he was very professional, respectful and detailed both with my client/crew and related.

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Years of working with M.P.D.S.

, . of 31m to 40m Hi39 Vessel Services LLC. - 08/10/2018-12:56
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Over the past few years it has been our pleasure to work with M.P.D.S. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the projects we have worked on together. M.P.D.S. has been the only trusted, certified, and insured company to work on any of our yachts. With competitive prices, and great customer service we were able to take care of the various yachts in our fleet and make the customers very happy.

Projects that we would like to thank you for:
- Gold digger Yacht – Apreamare MAN V10 common rail 2000 Hr. service
- 53x Yacht – Azimut 68s MAN V12 B2848 common rail 3000 Hr. service, also for servicing Generator Kohler 21kw fixed Gen Turbocharger
- Patriot Yacht – Nordlund CAT C9 3000 Hr. service
- Moonstruck Yacht – Sea Ray Cummings QSB 5.9 annual service and replacing the low pressure fuel pump
- Polished fuel tanks
- Garvity Yacht – Azimut 85 ultimate MTU 2000 series - annual service, troubleshooting MTU electronics, Seatrails performed, oil sample tested
- Argosea Yacht – Johnson 70 MAN V12 3000 Hr. service, including overhaul turbochargers and injectors
- Tweener Yacht – Westship MTU 396TE94 4000 Hr. service

Thank you for always completing these projects on schedule. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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A reliable engine service

, Owner of 31m to 40m J.P. Marine Consultants - 03/10/2018-10:02
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have known and worked with Marine Propulsion Diesel Services for more than five years. In that time they have overhauled two volvo pentas TAMD 63P diesel engines & one MAN marine D2866 diesel engine. In addition, they have performed multiple annual engine services and potential issue diagnosis.

Marine Propulsion Diesel Services is very dependable, professional and customer service oriented. They take great pride in their work and do their very best to complete the job on schedule. I recommend them to everyone within the marine industry.

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