“Integrated ultra-high-definition sound systems for music spaces"

Audio-HD specialises in ultra-high-definition audio systems for private spaces, on board superyachts or at home. Whether it’s for enjoying, recording or mastering music, products are tailored so each project delivers an immersive-sound experience.

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Address: Mobile Service Neuville Les Dieppe, France / Monaco

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)7 81 37 70 98

Based in France, Audio-HD implements bespoke audio systems that are carefully tailored to fulfil the needs of clients. It manages projects anywhere in the world from beginning to end, ensuring an excellent and meticulous service.

As a partner of renowned ultra-high-definition audio-equipment brands, Audio-HD handpicks the most suitable and impressive products to make a client’s dream recording and mastering facility a reality.

Each piece of equipment within every audio system is chosen because it best utilises the client’s on-board music space, in line with their expectations and intended use.

Audio-system projects

Audio-HD provides a comprehensive service throughout every audio-system installation project. From pre-planning through to delivery and full training, Audio-HD prides itself on equipping clients with the knowledge and skill to make optimum use of their new equipment.

Its range of services includes:

• Full analysis of the project
• Acoustic and ‘energetic’ study of the premises
• Development of integrated-audio projects
• Complete installation of audio equipment, including preparation and necessary calibrations
• Providing a complete audio database of 13,000 music tracks in high definition
• Full training and presentation once set up

Audio products

Audio-HD offers all the products expected of a sound-system specialist, including:

• Speakers (exclusive distribution in France/Europe)
• Cables
• Turntables
• Preamplifiers and amplifiers
• CD players
• Other equipment needs

Online store and catalogue

Available in four languages, its online store presents the full list of equipment with a complete catalogue of each brand. It contains an exclusive selection of brands, chosen for their quality, power and sonic purity. Its range also features a number of patented technologies that its partners have developed.

All products are delivered and installed by Audio-HD’s expert team, wherever the destination, to guarantee a professional set up.

Contact Audio-HD today to discuss an integrated-audio system for your superyacht or home.

Hours of work

Monday-Sunday, 08:30-20:30