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“Integrated superyacht crew communications and control systems”

Channel 28 is a specialist in integrating superyacht control and electrical systems for the superyacht industry. The founders are both engineers with experience of delivering bespoke audio visual, broadcast, medical and marine systems.

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C-Comm - Digital UHF crew communications

Modern superyachts require robust and effective on-board crew radio communications to enable effective day-to-day operations. C-Comm uses digital DMR technology to provide a secure and strong, unified digital communications system, designed specifically for yachting.

C-Comm is a communications package for any superyacht environment which offers simple, quality communications without the yacht captain or engineer falling foul of regional radio licensing laws.

DMR technology C-Comm digitally encrypts communications over recognised allocated frequencies.

The digital infrastructure offered by C-Comm is scalable from two radios to a complete multi-boat, multi-site with GPS tracking of tenders, alarm and monitoring and control of third-party systems.

Channel 28 offers the complete end-to-end service to determine requirements and to configure and integrate a radio system with other shipwide control systems.

Core services include

• Crew two-way radio
• VOIP telephone
• Alarms and monitoring
• GPS location plotting

C-Dome - Yacht communications and dome management

C-Dome is the first iPad/iPhone application specifically authored by Channel 28 for superyachts. It allows the yacht engineer to read and control the Sea-Tel domes and their controllers from any location on board, by a simple and flexible user interface, running on either an iPad or iPhone.

Conceived from direct design input from yacht engineers and ETOs, C-Dome takes the data and presents it in a simple, easy to use format in the user’s hand.

Changing locations and re-aiming the dish to different satellites is made easy with the online database making it a simple choice.

Core services include

• iPad or iPhone app
• Dome switcher with intellibloc signal sense
• Monitor and configure TVRO domes on deck
• Online database of satellites

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