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“Professional e-commerce store specialising in the maritime/superyacht"

The YOT Store (Your Onboard Technologies Store) provides a procurement service to businesses in the maritime industry, supplying AV/IT and communication hardware, software and services through its unique automated shopping platform.

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Address: 154 Repps Road, Martham, Norfolk, United Kingdom NR29 4QZ

Tel: +44 (0)78 89 90 36 82

The YOT Store is made up of a team of technical engineers who have decades of combined experience working onboard and in support of superyachts AV/IT systems. YOT Store looks to recommend products and installation techniques based on the requirement of the customer.

YOT Store ensure the best products that are in high demand in the superyacht business. It is affiliated with some of the following brands amongst many others;

• Acronis
• Adobe
• Apple
• Cisco
• Crestron
• Dell
• HP
• Intellian
• Kerio
• Microsoft
• Peplink
• Ubiquiti
• Seatel
• Sophos
• Veeam
• VM Ware

The business also assists with pre-configuration and remote setup of any device purchased through YOT. It also offers a host of additional services including, support contracts for vessels, minimising ITN downtime and keep onboard technologies up to date and maintenance free, the business also offers full protection for online threats.

Its unique technology is a core part of its support contract, this service enables the customer to

•Monitor and control your AV/IT networks from one platform
•View a live topology map of local network
•Receive notifications when equipment goes offline
•Safely segment, document and store client credentials
•Monitor UPS and ship’s main voltages
•Monitor incoming network bandwidth
•Access a history of all events on the network – great for refit periods and fault finding

YOT Store’s cyber security is maritime approved and is backed up by cyber security certified engineers. The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has stated that all vessels must have maritime cyber security in place by 2021.

Contact YOT Store for all your AV/IT Communications needs today for an innovative service from an experienced and passionate team.

Hours of work

24 hours a day
7 days a week

Superior IT knowledge & Skills

, Chief Engineer of 41m to 50m M/Y Lady Georgina - 11/04/2019-16:21
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During my time as an Engineer I have worked with Kris Cardona on many projects, upgrades, technical issues and even received some personal training from Kris over the past few years. Having 10 years yacht experience I have found Kris to be by far the most advanced and knowledgeable IT Technician / Engineer I have dealt with. His skills with our onboard systems such as Kerio, Cisco, Vsat and kaleidescape are unquestionable and his ability to share his knowledge is much appreciated by all senior roles within the Vessel. On numerous occasions we have had urgent requests with system failures and faults within the network. Kris would always respond to my requests day, night or even while on holidays. As he always replies “I’m only a phone call away if you need me”. I can’t recommend them highly enough for the service he has provided Lady Georgina over the past few years and I can only encourage other yachts needing shore based support and services to take advantage of their superior IT knowledge and skills.

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Highly recommended

, Captain - 01/04/2019-12:19
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When planning for our shipyard period, I was recommended by a friend to use Yachtdoc, to help assist and improve our AVIT systems. Not only was the shipyard both fun and challenging but their direct feedback for improving our AVIT system was invaluable. They had some great ideas that they shared with management. Thankfully they listened to them, and it was a wise decision from them. Ryan from Yachtdoc is a calm and logical methodical manager that truly connected with the team during our refit. I can’t speak highly enough of Yachtdoc.

I know where to turn to in the future.

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Polite, respectful and honest people

, Chief Engineer - 21/03/2019-16:00
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My name is Brendan Courtney, and I am putting forward my professional opinion of Yachtdoc. Our yacht is part of a fleet of yachts and whenever possible we would provide regular assistance to the running and maintenance of other vessels with the fleet. Yachtdoc would regularly provide such assistance, which bolstered their reputation within the fleet.

There is no questioning their AVIT skills and they did not mind handling the electrical equipment as we also needed a hand with that. Aside from their abilities as an engineer, I found them to be polite, respectful and honest people.

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, Chief Engineer of 60m+ N/A - 07/03/2019-09:21
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Yachtdoc are responsible for the AV-, IT- and more complex electro-technical processes on board and are the main consultants for maintenance, development and operation of the AV and IT infrastructure of the vessel.

I can recommend Yachtdoc as their pro-active attitude and eagerness to stay updated and acquire new knowledge make them a valuable go-to company for us. Yachtdoc have worked well with our engineering department and have proven to have good understanding of the process of decision-making at Management level.

Yachtdoc are presently formulating proposals for the implementation and improvement/upgrade of
(the structure of) IT-systems during our planned major refit. I am very satisfied with the clarity and
transparency they are able to present the pro’s and contra’s for specific choices of structural
modifications and stability & redundancy of the vessels systems.

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A wealth of information

, Chief Engineer of 60m+ N/A - 10/12/2018-16:56
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I've know Ryan since 2012 and have worked with him on several occasions. I've always found him to be a no nonsense type of guy who gives solid advice that is well founded in reason. I've consulted him several times with a range of AV/IT problems/queries whilst working on boats from 80-115m, and he has always been eager to help and had a wealth of information. I would give him a reference as both a colleague and a shipmate any time.

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