“Leading manufacturer of inflatable fenders, covers and hooks”

Fendress is a manufacturer of inflatable fenders, fender covers, fender hooks and nautical accessories for superyachts in the French Riviera. With 15 years’ experience and operating in five continents, Fendress is a leader in the yachting industry.

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Address: 46 Z.I. l'Argile Mouans Sartoux, France / Monaco 06370

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 47 06 77

Mob: +33(0)640823234

Fendress’ inflatable fenders efficiently protect boats at docking. Providing yacht owners with the option to deflate the fenders means they can significantly reduce in weight and size for storage purposes.

Top-of-the-line fender products

• Inflatable fenders
• Fender covers
• Fender hooks
• Inflatable platforms/jet-ski parks
• Other nautical accessories

Fendress covers are visually appealing, whilst being resistant to maintain protection. Its covers are available in all sizes/forms and compatible with all brands of fenders. Each Fendress cover is produced in Fendress’ in-house factory, ensuring high-quality and a short lead-time.

In-house embroidery

Fendress also boasts an in-house embroidery workshop, meaning it can embroider any text or design to meet the customer’s needs. Fendress offers customisation on a variety of products, from fender covers and rope covers to cable wrap and fenboards. Fendress also offers a range of clothing and can embroider full sets of customised crew uniforms.

Features of the fenders

• Inflatable
• Storage volume reduction
• Stainless steel D rings
• Strengthened strips for optimal resistance
• Standard waterproof valve, quick and easy to inflate/deflate
• Light and ultra-resistance
• Easy handling
• Available in five colours and more than 20 dimensions

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