WFA Wealth Managers offers investment management services to help create and implement financial life plans that will empower clients. WFA can help build nest eggs and ensure they continue to grow long into the future.

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Address: 3170 4th Av., 3rd Floor San Diego, CA, California, USA 92103

Operating in: USA

Tel: +1 866 478 8794

WFA Wealth Managers, based in San Diego, has 35 years’ experience in investment management, including for clients within the yachting and maritime industry. It offers a fee-only service, which ensures it only ever works in the best interests of its clients at all times.

The core of its business model is based on relationships. WFA strives to cultivate professional collaboration with a client’s other trusted legal, tax, insurance and business advisors so they never have to worry about their many moving financial parts.

WFA understands that each client’s investment situation is different, so its experienced team works to implement the key steps towards achieving financial security. It endeavours to reduce investment risk, as well as minimise taxes and investment management expenses.

Financial Services

WFA Wealth Managers specialises in an array of financial services, including:

• Personal financial management
• Managing diverse investment portfolios
• Life planning
• Investing family inheritances
• Retirement planning
• Trust and estate planning
• Family legacy development
• Employee benefit consulting

Wealth management

Wealth management is the umbrella under which WFA’s services are provided. It is the combination of investment management with the counsel and advice involved in the financial decisions a client makes every day. It designs and helps implement financial solutions that allows clients to live their ideal life while maintaining financial security, regardless of personal circumstances.

Its experienced team is fully equipped to help investors of any size grow and protect their portfolio.

Highly qualified financial team

WFA is comprised of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA® Charter holders) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP®s), providing extraordinary investment management service to clients both nationally and internationally. It has the capabilities to open and process accounts for citizens from around the globe digitally on-line without the client having to be physically present.

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Extremely helpful

, Engineer of 51m to 60m Freelance - 17/03/2018-09:11
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WFA is extremely helpful when it comes to planning for the future. They are also very knowledgeable, in helping yachties with their funds and or various sources of income. I would encourage anyone to have a chat with them, with respect to savings or future planning. I would highly recommend speaking to their retired yachtie on staff Muriel Biby. They have been very productive for me. After years of dealing with banks and mainstream investment firms, they have been a welcomed change.

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Captain G. Re WFA

, Captain of 51m to 60m Double Haven - 02/02/2018-00:49
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I have worked in yachting for over 40 years. To make my income work for me towards a sustainable retirement has been an ongoing minefield. I have been very impressed with WFA. They don't take commissions but a fixed percentage fee only. My account is constantly being reviewed and re-positioned with falls and increases of the markets.

I have been very happy with the results and the comforting knowledge that money is being professionally managed and, unlike with property, I can withdraw or sell sums if necessary.

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