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Address: 10 Well Bottom Southampton, Bermuda WK 09

Tel: +1 441 236 2469

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, Owner of YOT - 10/08/2017-19:36
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We paid almost $300 for 3 very simple wedding bouquets, THEY WERE NEVER DELIVERED. We went without flowers for our wedding ceremony and professional photos due to this company’s gross incompetence. DO NOT trust this florist with your business. We were in contact with the owner who agreed to deliver them, and provided a receipt which specified the time, place, and date of delivery. There was nothing complicated or confusing on this invoice. We were informed that someone had misunderstood the CLEARLY PRINTED delivery date. The wedding was on a Thursday. The company NEVER reached out to us and only responded on the following Tuesday saying we would be refunded for the money we paid. We have not seen the refund yet. The refund will not remove the aggravation and stress this added to one of the most special days of our lives. We are absolutely disgusted with El Shaddai Florist.

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