Corsica Bunkering (Groupe Ferrandi)

Based in France, Corsica Bunkering is an established superyacht fuel-bun

Corsica Bunkering offers fuel that is respectful towards the yacht and the marine environment across its network of bunkers. Adhering to the ANAPNEA technology charter, it offers diagnostic, treatment and fuel monitoring solutions.

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Address: Lieu dit Chioso soprano- Baleone Sarrola-Carcopino Ajaccio, Corsica, France / Monaco 20167

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)4 95 22 07 66

Based in France, Corsica Bunkering is an established superyacht fuel-bunkering network that focuses on supplying fuel that respects both the yacht and the marine environment.

Corsica Bunkering adheres to the ANAPNEA technology charter and uses its technology to offer a high-quality fuel that can greatly reduce a client’s emissions.

Pollution-reducing marine fuel in Corsica

Fuel is available from its premises in Ajaccio, Bastia and Solenzara, where diagnostic, treatment (via ultra fine filtration) and monitoring solutions are also offered.

Corsica Bunkering guarantees its distributed fuels are free from bacterial contamination. It utilise high-quality Micfil filter systems, which filters our impurities in diesel fuel and all kinds of oil.

The benefits of using said filters include:

• Eliminate approximately 98% of all bacteria
• Save 3-5% diesel
• Save on spare parts (bearings, bearing sleeves, etc.)
• Protect injectors and injector pumps
• Significantly reduce downtime of machines
• Extend service life of machinery
• Save 80-90% engine oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil and gear oil
• Reduce carbon footprint

Its deposits are periodically audited (on both procedures and product quality).

Corsica Bunkering is committed to offering pleasure to motor boats, yachts and work vessels, and welcomes all enquiries.

Contact Corsica Bunkering today to discuss your yacht’s fuel bunkering requirements with its friendly team.

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Quick and efficient

, Captain of 31m to 40m M/Y CHESELLA - 19/09/2019-09:44
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

The fueling took place at 08:00 this morning with everything being conducted very quickly and efficiently. 7,000 Ltrs of AGO were delivered by road tanker, wit the operation complete by 09:00. Please pass on my thanks to all involved.

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