Stabia Oil Co. S.r.l.

“Experienced suppliers of fuels and lubricants in Italy”

Stabia Oil has over 15 years’ experience working in the fuel bunkering sector, providing storage, management and distribution of a variety of fuels and lubricants to commercial and tourist ports along the Italian coastline.

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Address: Banchina Marinella Castellammare Di Stabia, Italy 80053

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 08 18 42 59 87

Stabia Oil has worked with major international oil corporations (including ENI, Repsol, Q8, Total and BP) to provide top-rate products and services to superyachts and many other types of vessels.

High-quality fuel bunkering products

The company has an impressive track record of managing plants for the storage and distribution of bunker products in major ports such as Piombino, Naples, Civitavecchia, Castellammare di Stabia, Catania and Olbia. Products available from Stabia Oil include:

• Diesel oil 10 ppm
• Diesel oil 0.001
• Sif
• Motopesca
• IFO 30/40
• IFO 180
• Staboil lubricant

Deep knowledge and long history

The Naples-based firm boasts many years’ experience in marine bunkering and has a deep understanding of the sector. Work and services are undertaken in full compliance with Italian and EU-wide regulations on safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

Bunkering by Stabia Oil is carried out either via lorries or fixed installations, and – regardless of delivery method and vessel requirements – can usually take place within 24 hours.

Patent-protected technologies

As well as supplying fuels and related products, Stabia Oil is treading new ground in the industry, experimenting with innovative, patent-protected delivery techniques and technologies – such as high-pressure pump stations.

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