Glass Marine

Glass Marine offers a wide range of services for repairing the consequences of accidents and attacks on any glass surfaces on yachts. Its highly skilled team are specialists in marine glass.

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Address: Carrer de l'Avanada s/n nave n¼ 3 Barcelona, Spain 08030

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +34 666 20 32 22

Glass Marine is experienced in repairing and protecting glass in yachts and vessels. It offers fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to marine glass repair.

Based in Barcelona, and also servicing France, Spain and the United Kingdom, it offers four key services: repair, protection, treatment and maintenance.


Glass Marine can repair all types of glass surfaces on yachts quickly and at a low cost. It can offer 95% savings when compared to replacement.


Offering Glass Protection Systems, the team at Glass Marine can protect any glass surface and provide it with new properties to resist external attack.


Glass Marine can also add and modify features to glass that have already been installed or are yet to be installed using a variety of techniques and types of treatment.


At Glass Marine, its experienced team can perform regular and varied servicing for glass panes that allows clients to benefit from more efficient and cost-effective maintenance.

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