Tilse GmbH

"One of the leading marine glass suppliers for the yachting industry"

The Tilse group, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a leading provider of glass products for the marine industry. They have over 20 years’ experience and have acquired specific expertise in fitting yachts and superyachts with high quality marine glass.

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Address: 12 Sottorfallee Hamburg, Germany 22529

Operating in: Germany

Tel: +49 (0)4 04 32 08 08 0

Mob: +49 (0)4 05 61 01 4

Tilse produces and supplies a wide range of different glass products, which support many different designs. The products offered are of the highest quality and have been installed on more than 250 yachts worldwide, showcasing optimal performance levels.

The use of glass is ever increasing for the modern yacht, and Tilse offers designers, owners and shipyards a variety of products to suit all needs and requirements.

Yacht glass products

• Formglas Spezial A compound security glass using two or more chemically toughened glass
• Microclear heated glass
• Solardim A glass that can switch from clear to opaque at the touch of a button
• Solardim Eco high energy saving glass with self-regulating solar reflecting windows
• Tilsecure A compound security glass which detects damage
• Single Guard - a thermally tempered single security glass
• Compound Guard A security glass made out of thermally tempered glass
• Art Compound A glass which protects fabric, wood, metal, photos etc. behind glass, but at the same time guarantees the full visual impact of the material

Other technical services for yachts

Since 1974 Tilse has been offering products to land based and marine industries. Its products have constantly been improved to offer innovative solutions for tank level measuring and control of tank level gauging systems.

In addition Tilse offer products from partner companies in the following fields:

• Anti-marine growth systems
• Ship cranes and winches
• Bow thrusters
• Sun protection systems

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