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Air Sea Pros sells, installs and repairs marine air conditioning and related equipment on superyachts and commercial vessels, maintaining a healthy yacht with mould remediation services to eliminate the risk of toxin production on board.

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Address: 561 20th St .SE. Naples, FL, Florida, USA 34117

Operating in: USA

Tel: +1 239 317 3600

Headquartered in Florida, USA, Air Sea Pros is an experienced marine-HVAC sales and service provider working within the superyacht industry. Its team sells, installs and repairs air conditioning units and related equipment, including custom refrigeration on yachts and boats of all sizes.

To maintain a clean yacht and healthy crew, it offers complete mould-remediation services to preserve vessels and protect against the illnesses caused by the presence of mould in air-handling units.

Air Sea Pros services both recreational and commercial vessels, ensuring it can provide solutions for all clients, regardless of their requirements.

Marine air-conditioning services

Air Sea Pros’ team of technicians are specialists in the servicing of superyacht heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems and related equipment on board. Providing professional equipment installation and maintenance work, its team offers high standards of service at cost-effective prices.

Promising fast response times and an after-hours service, Air Sea Pros can handle every client request, no matter what the problem may be.

Marine mould remediation

In a marine environment, microbial growth and odours in duct work and air-handling units can lead to the formation of black mould. As the moulds, mildew and fungi develop, they multiply and spread, causing illness-inducing mycotoxins to move into the air.

Air Sea Pros uses specialised marine-duct cleaning equipment that operates under constant HEPA vacuum to eliminate the problem, removing all mould, dust and contaminants from HVAC duct interiors.

Air Sea Pros operates in various locations around its Florida headquarters, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. It welcomes all enquiries and strives to reply to every form of client communication within 24 hours.

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