Ferfrigor Porto s.r.l.

“Expert marine refrigeration and HVAC suppliers on the Med”

Ferfrigor is an expert marine HVAC and air conditioning company, based in Genoa, Italy. It has over 80 years’ experience supplying the yacht and marine industry with class-leading air conditioning and HVAC products.

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Address: Via Al Molo Giano Genova Porto Genoa, Italy 16128

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 01 02 46 12 10

Operating in the refrigeration field since 1930, Ferfrigor supplies, installs, and maintains refrigeration and HVAC systems on superyachts and other merchant vessels from its workshop in Genoa, and via a network of specialists based across the Med and beyond.

Marine HVAC specialists in Italy

Established in 1930, Ferfrigor holds a wealth of experience with air conditioning and HVAC systems for superyachts and merchant vessels. Its Genoa Port base is an ideal location, and its large warehouse holds thousands of spare parts for quick and professional servicing.

All Ferfrigor units are RINA-certified, and use low-temperature gas running through thick insulated refrigeration lines, preventing condensation and leakages.

Superyacht air conditioning supplier in Italy

Ferfrigor has broad and proven experience, acquired over several decades in the design, installation and maintenance of on-board air conditioning systems.

A Ferfrigor-designed air conditioning system ensures an extremely comfortable environment on board, no matter the season or cruising climate.

Marine HVAC spare parts

Ferfrigor’s huge warehouse, ideally situated in the port of Genoa, allows for timely and prompt fitting of replacement parts and spares. Its technicians ensure everything runs smoothly and can help with a huge range of requests relating to HVAC and air conditioning.

Whether it’s for your next HVAC overhaul, or just for that essential spare part, contact Ferfrigor today.

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