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“Experienced marine HVAC and refrigeration experts servicing the world”

Technicold is an experienced marine and superyacht HVAC and refrigeration business experiencing rapid worldwide growth, providing many boats and yachts with its trusted HVAC solutions.

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Address: 1419 W. Newport Center Dr. Deerfield Beach, FL, Florida, USA 33442

Operating throughout: Australasia, Asia Pacific, Far East, Middle East, South America, North America, Mediterranean, Europe, Caribbean and Africa

Tel: +1 954 421 1717

Technicold can provide a wide range of marine HVAC services, and has become known for its high-quality, tried-and-tested systems.

Marine chilled water AC systems

Fresh water is pumped through the chiller through an insulated piping loop. The chilled water passes through air handlers located throughout the boat.

Air handlers can be placed virtually anywhere on board. Controls in each air handler maintain individual room temperature and humidity levels. Technicold air handlers are available in several different configurations to allow for flexibility of installation.

Chilled water systems provide excellent load management when using multiple stages to reduce peak electrical load. Heating can be added through the loop water or by air strips in the air handlers.

Because it can deliver room-specific climate control and maximum electrical efficiency, chilled water systems are best suited to vessels over 24 metres long, or any vessel with six or more areas needing climate control.

Direct expansion air conditioning systems

The direct expansion system is composed of two separate elements – a condensing unit, usually mounted in the engine room, and evaporator units installed in living quarters. The condensing unit connects to the evaporator units via insulated, copper refrigerant tubing.

The system runs quietly, based on the location of the condenser. The air handlers are unobtrusive in terms of space usage. The maximum length of refrigerant tubing between condenser and air handlers is 15 metres. For these reasons, direct expansion AC is recommended for vessels with multiple berths and under 24 metres LOA.

Contact Technicold and they will assist with any of your marine HVAC needs and requirements.

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