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“The best underwriting, premium and services in the marine industry”

Frolson Yachting Insurance is a marine insurance broker, dedicated to yachts and its crew. Worldwide cover is compared and negotiated before being underwritten by leading insurance providers to create flexible yacht and crew insurance policies.

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Address: 16 Bd. d'Aguillon. 1st Floor Antibes, France / Monaco 06600

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)4 69 96 94 00

Frolson works with leading marine insurance brokers/underwriters, to compare and negotiate, and guarantees the best terms and premiums on the worldwide market with outstanding, friendly service.

Yacht insurance cover

Yacht insurance claims can range from a few thousand pounds to several million. Frolson thoroughly checks the reliability and conditions of cover from top marine insurers for complete piece of mind.

Yacht insurance cover includes:

• Hull and machinery up to a value of 1 billion
• War, terrorism and piracy
• P&I

MLC 2006 yacht crew insurance – Individual and group

Frolson also provides comprehensive and acclaimed MLC 2006-compliant crew insurance, with more than 200,000 individuals insured worldwide.

Worldwide crew insurance options include:

• All-inclusive health and accident insurance – no distinction between professional and private
• Repatriation
• Life insurance and salary benefits
• Online claims
• Easy online management for captains
• 24/7 phone support, with 35 languages spoken

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