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"Handmade leather goods for luxury yachts worldwide"

Absolute Breton crafts luxury leather interior accessories for the yachting industry. Bespoke yacht interior accessories are handmade in Spain, with the possibility to create coordinated collections for all interior spaces on board.

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Address: C/ San Sebastian 72 C, Ubrique Cadiz, Spain 11600

Operating in: Spain

Tel: +34 956 46 42 72

Absolute Breton is a leather artisan and international supplier of luxury leather goods, handmade especially for luxury interiors. The collection includes yacht interior accessories for the cabin and the bathroom, as well as every kind of decorative good for the yacht interior. All items can be customised for that unique finish.

Custom leather yacht accessories

Absolute Breton provides a custom product catalogue for luxury yachts and superyachts. Designed as decorative and functional items, all yacht interior accessories are a surprise because of their beauty, singularity and quality. The range includes:

• Interior accessories – shoe baskets, desk compendiums, stationary
• Cabin accessories – watch and jewellery boxes, display cases
• Bathroom accessories - tissue boxes, toiletry baskets and
• Personal accessories – wallets, purses, glasses cases, luggage

Decorative yacht interior accessories

To add distinction and a personal touch to the interior of your yacht, Absolute Breton has created the most select collection of decorative accessories for yacht interiors, including:

• Unique leather board games
• Remote control boxes

Yacht bathroom accessories

• Bathroom bins
• Soap trays and dispensers
• Toilet brush holders
• Toothbrush holders
• Decorative boxes and baskets
• Tissue boxes

Superyacht cabin accessories

• Menu folders
• Leather magazine holders
• Blotters and writing sets
• Accessories for closets and desktops
• Hangers, folders and shoe baskets

Yacht tableware

• Leather trays
• Leather placemats
• Leather coaster
• Ashtrays, lighters
• Cigar humidors

Contact Absolute Breton to place your yacht interior accessories order today.

Hours of work

Monday to Friday: 08:00am to 02:00pm and 03:30pm to 07:00pm

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Great company!

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Last Christmas, we ordered gifts for all of our clients and employees. We can confirm that the treatment, care, detail, quality of products and customer attention convinced us to order again this year. We highly recommend Absolute Breton as a company.

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Great Work

, Director Sea Emporium - 30/10/2015-13:29
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Very reliable company and excellent products. Always creative and have helped me a lot with many projects. Keep up the good work!

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Excellence is an attitude, not a result

, Interior Decorator AB Personal Assistant - 12/05/2015-17:07
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It's been more than 25 years that I have the satisfaction of knowing and working with the Absolute Breton team.
They are experts and they know the leather world really well. They offer one hundred per cent of their capacity. They have been going up step by step every day, with no limits or projects that they cannot carry out. They know that doing something good is the same as relishing it.
All these years I have seen and received enthusiasm and commitment. At the end, this is translated into excellent products which were really valued by my customers.
To sum up, Absolute Breton will always be more than just a supplier, but an added value to all my projects.

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Absolute Breton is a VP firm

, Editor Blog www.vestirseporlospies.es - 31/03/2015-09:26
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It's been more than a year since I had the pleasure of being invited to visit Breton's factory in Ubrique, the cradle of the global leather industry. I was completely surprised by the amount of dedication and craftsmanship of their products. Besides, the quality of the leather and the huge range of hides turns out to be the envy of the sector.

Their finishes are absolute bespoke, handmade and cared. Their own design, inspired in the best creations, accompanies every product with an exemplary traceability which is impossible to overlook.

Having more than 1.700 different articles their creativeness has no limits, just as their degree of dedication and work with the final customer. Within a continuous customer service, he has an endless patience to perfect every detail.

I am delighted to be in contact to these tremendous professionals and I am willing to keep working with them. Long live the excellence in leather: BRETON.

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Absolute Breton... absolutely perfect!

, Managing Director Malashpina Creatives - 27/03/2015-17:08
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At Malashpina Creativos we can't easily express the tremendous satisfaction of working with the Absolute Breton team.

Their professionalism from the very beginning and the incredible production of every item, which are always handmade and following traditional techniques for the leather treatment, has made us fall in love with them since the first moment.

They understand when there are changes in any project and they are passionate about their work. They put their heart and soul in every piece that we designed, making theirs every item and adding their whole expertise as artisans to turn it into a masterpiece. Every stitch and every pleat represent years of tradition and dedication to leather, its treatment and care.

To sum up, Absolute Breton is a team of exceptional artisans that we recommend with no doubt... there is nothing they can't literally manufacture with leather, turning a simple article into something else: a unique piece.

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