Cabinet Brahim LATRECH

Situated in Tunisia, Cabinet Brahim LATRECH is a law firm specialising in maritime law, dealing with private and public law. It offers a range of services to superyachts, in areas such as boat license, place to port and rules of navigation.

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Address: Lafayette Center - Etage 4 - Tunis, Tunisia 1002

Operating in: Tunisia

Tel: +216 71 830 257

Mob: +216 24 292 700

Maritime law deals with all the legal rules, private law and public law, relating to human activities in relation to the sea. It also includes the law of pleasure craft. Although boating is synonymous with freedom and leisure, yachts and ships are nonetheless subject to strict regulations.

Maritime and shipping law services

Cabinet Brahim LATRECH offers defensive services for all disputes in Tunisia or any Tunisian ports, as well as any other services the client may require:

• Accidents and damage in the port area
• Boat license
• Equipment compliance
• Place to port
• Safety devices and medical endowments required on board
• Rules of navigation
• Registration and choice of flag
• Sale and seizure of ship
• Ship release

Cabinet Brahim LATRECH has built its reputation in the field of maritime law by providing precise, quick and effective services to suit the needs of its clients. Its clients include shipowners and charterers operating all types of yachts, superyachts and other vessels.

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