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Address: Gran Via 19, Local 1-2, El Toro Calvia, Mallorca, Spain 07180

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Captain of 20m to 30m - 24/02/2015-15:15
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Mark, Paul and Karl take care of all our electronic needs onboard. In 2014 NaviCom installed a state of the Art AV system. Mark and his team have a keen eye for detail and will always go the extra mile to do the job right. Guests onboard have found the system easy to operate and the owners are delighted. I wouldn't use anyone else!

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Quality Service

, Captain of 20m to 30m Adastra of Rye - 26/01/2015-10:55
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Having used Navicomm Marine Systems for more than 10 years now across a selection of yachts I can safely say they are my "goto" company.

They have helped and installed everything from hand held VHF and GPS solutions to Underwater Structure scanning systems and high-end AV equipment.

Their input into our multi media has been second to none. Mark and his team have always been very enthusiastic and informative, keeping us up to date with the latest technology and solutions, from the likes of iPods & iTouch control devices through to Projectors.

If you try Navicomm you will not be disappointed. You would be hard pressed to find a company with the knowledge and attention to detail they supply in abundance.

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Navicomm leads the way

, Electrical & Electronic Systems Engineer of 31m to 40m S/Y Nariida - 24/05/2014-08:44
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The Navicomm team has always "stepped up to the plate" for us on board Nariida and I have recommended Mark and Amy's business to several yachts along the way. Reports have always come back to me as extremely favourable, professional, tenacious, honest, accommodating and many other clichéd superlatives, too numerous (and corny) to list!

When I recommend a contractor to fulfil a task or to provide solutions to problems, I'm always wary about how well my recommendation will pan out. Not so with Navicomm! The quality of their workmanship and preferred equipment, system components' selection, research into bespoke solutions to clients' requirements, pricing and timeframe management is always second to none.

The project that I awarded to Mark was to provide a multi-source entertainment system that was simple to operate for crew, owner and guests. It needed to be reliable, intuitive, robust, wireless-capable and easy to restore operability in the event of the common problem of power failures and "brown-outs" that we occasionally encounter on board yachts. We got all that, and more! The telephone support has been magnificent on the one or two occasions that the captain has experienced problems, each of which has been a simple error on the part of the guest or 'finger trouble' from a confused crew member when trying to solve a guest's connectivity issue.

We have, on board, simple management and selection of entertainment sources via dedicated iPads and an iPod Touch running the brilliant app from RTI. The system file is stored and backed-up locally within the controller; therefore if an iPad or iPod fails/disappears/goes swimming then it's just a case of obtaining a new device and downloading RTI's app from the App Store. The rest is taken care of seamlessly once the device joins the network.

Guests are able to bring their own devices on board, join the network and stream their movies, music and photos onto the projector screen or to their own individual cabin system. We have a movie server, digital terrestrial TV in any country we visit (we don't have a satellite system, by choice), FM and Internet Radio, Blu Ray & DVD playback, Apple TV wifi streaming and Bluetooth or USB device connectivity that just works with the minimum of fuss. All controlled from the touch of a finger.

Thank you, Navicomm. Your unmatched professional efforts at 'getting it right first time' have paid off immeasurably!

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A great attitude

, Captain of 20m to 30m M/Y Ilona of Kylesku - 27/02/2014-09:20
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Having worked in the marine industry for many years I have encountered an assortment of working professionals and service companies, some good, but unfortunately quite a few lacking the knowledge, experience, and quality of workmanship that I find acceptable. Whilst working as Captain for the Duke of Westminster aboard ‘Ilona of Kylesku’, the standards required were extremely high bearing in mind the caliber of owner and the type of vessel. I had become disillusioned with many of the so called professionals I had previously hired and it was therefore quite refreshing to discover Navicomm. They have a great attitude towards new and existing clients and have provided me with a high level of service and support over the last six years.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Navicomm to other captains and owners.

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Highly recommended

, Group Properties Manager Virgin Limited Edition - 27/02/2014-09:02
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After having worked with yachting suppliers from around the world, I can very easily say that Mark Wilson and Navicomm are among the most professional and honest guys I have had the pleasure of dealing with. From standard installations through to urgent breakdowns, Navicomm have the skills, know how, and the drive to work through the night in some cases to meet our requirements. Their approach is professional and they always give a no-nonsense assessment of every situation. Mark has been a pleasure to deal with and I would have no issues recommending him and his team to any vessel requiring any AV work or assistance.

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Entertainment system

, Yacht Manager of 20m to 30m Motor Yacht Qatar2 - 22/10/2013-10:29
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The owner of the yacht and I have been very pleased with the new integrated fully entertainment system on board which Mark and his team from Navicomm installed earlier this year. The mini iPad controllers have simplified an otherwise very complicated system which before, required a trained crew member and various remote controls. The owner is so pleased that there are plans to install a similar bespoke system at his home. The tech support has also been second to none.

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