Fat Cat Wealth

Fat Cat Wealth offers investment management services to help create and implement financial plans that will empower its clients in the yachting industry.

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Address: 3170 4th Av.,Suite 300, San Diego, CA, California, USA 92103

Tel: +1 619 333 8552

Fat Cat Wealth, based in San Diego, has 35 years’ experience in investment management, including for clients within the yachting and maritime industry. It employs top rated Robo Investor Technologies run by Charles Schwab & Co. to automatically invest and re-balance professionally designed portfolios.

Financial services for the yachting industry

Accounts with Fat Cat can be set-up with as little as $5,000, with an extremely low asset management fee of 0.5%.

In addition, 5% of all investment management fees collected by Fat Cat Wealth go to support San Diego Zoo’s Global Wildlife Conservancy Program at endextinction.org.

Open an account with Fat Cat Wealth in less than ten minutes with its streamlined enrollment process.