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“Luxury magazine for the yachting industry”

Yacht Way Magazine is a highly respected, long-running magazine for the yachting industry.

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Address: 17 Ifigenias St., 2007 Strovolos Nicosia, Cyprus 1010

Operating in: Cyprus

Tel: +372 81 71 47 17

Yacht Way Magazine, owned by Codavi International, is a reputable publication that offers luxury brands a platform to showcase their services or products. Yacht Way boasts a large readership among international business people and is written completely in English so it can be recognised by as large a demographic as possible.

Yacht industry content

Yacht Way offers a unique distribution network and prides itself on being a strong asset to the development of a client’s luxury brand. Its content blends exclusive information with an eye-catching design – paintings from an illustrator with a traditional style influenced by past centuries – to create a publication that appeals to Yacht Way’s primary target readership within the industry.

Codavi International within the yachting industry

Codavi International has strong links to the industry. It is the official media partner for many Yacht Shows & Events around the world.

Codavi International provide services including:
• Yacht provisioning (caviar & wine specialist)
• Yacht charterers
• Naval architect consultation
• Interior design
• Seminars
• Exhibitions
• Forums
• Road show consultation
• VIP networking event

Codavi International is based in Europe since 2010 (open 9.00am - 6.00pm daily), having its headquarters within the region of the First Commercial Fleet of the World.

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