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EOS Risk specialises in professional yacht and personal security solutions for captains, owners, managers and individuals engaged in yacht charter. Its ethos centres on providing a fully tailorable, client-focused and discreet service.

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Address: 6 Bevis Marks, Bury Court London, United Kingdom EC3A 7HL

Operating in: United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 30 04 31 37

With a global presence, EOS Risk is a UK-based security risk management business that has specialised in maritime security for over a decade.

Its intricate knowledge of the large yacht life cycle enables EOS Risk to provide a comprehensive range of tailorable services which includes competent authority; crew screening; provision of technical security; emergency response; intelligence support; personnel tracking; cyber security; training and protection teams in areas of heightened risk.

Protective Services

Supported by its 24/7 Security Operations Centre, EOS Risk’s specialist maritime and on-shore security guarantees peace of mind and ensures the safety of both individuals and reputation.

Its highly trained personnel derive from ex-military and law enforcement units with extensive maritime security and executive protective experience.

EOS Risk’s armed security teams understand the on-board yacht environment and focus on providing high quality, discreet security whilst fully integrating with the crew and captain to fully complement the environment.

Whether it be owners or guests, its executive protective teams can provide, covert or overt security solutions to ensure the safety of the individuals whilst ashore. Discreet individual and object tracking options are additionally available.

Intelligence and Advisory

EOS Risk’s dedicated in-house Intelligence and Advisory team provides land and maritime reporting for possible cruising destinations and safe routing for voyages through areas of heightened risk.

Offering a fully tailorable suite of security overviews, threat assessments and incident alerts, the team of expert analysts provide reliable and accurate information to enable informed and safe decisions.

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