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“Traditional massages aboard superyachts throughout St Barths"

Véronique B Massages can provide treatments aboard superyachts and in villas throughout Antibes. Véronique, who is the company’s founder, is fluent in French and English and works with clients to renew their bodies’ balance and harmony.

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Address: Mobile Service Antibes, France / Monaco

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 83 76 42 09

Guests and owners can indulge in an experience of pure wellness and relaxation during their stay in Antibes or the surrounding area. Véronique is able to visit any client, wherever they may be, providing a range of massage services in the privacy of their villa, hotel or aboard their yacht.

Superyacht massage services

Véronique works to understand the massage preferences of each client, offering everything from traditional Thai massages to deep tissue massages that utilise a specialist Abhyanga technique.

Massage services offered by Véronique include:

• Swedish massage
• Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi)
• Discovery massage
• Thai massage
• Relaxing foot massage
• Ayurvedic massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Bamboo massage
• Body scrub

This variety of treatments can benefit the body, mind and spirit in a number of ways. Certain treatments can release muscles and joints, loosen tensions and blockages, and create a sense of wellbeing and inner freedom.

Superyacht owners and guests can also prolong the experience with Véronique’s ‘Wellbeing Network’, or enjoy a ‘Beautiful Hands and Feet’ treatment.

Véronique’s unique treatment

Her signature massage combines ancient techniques of Swedish and Lomi Lomi massages for noticeable health benefits and renewed wellbeing. A luxurious and enjoyable experience, it leaves the muscles feeling relaxed and the body and mind in perfect balance.

Contact Véronique B Massages to arrange your yacht massage today, and cruise around St Barths feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

Additional Information

Véronique B Massages brochure August 2018

Chief Stewardess

, Chief Stewardess of 60m+ Anonymous - 16/12/2019-12:58
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Veronique has worked onboard the yacht for multiple charters over the years in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. I have had the pleasure to work with her for this last Mediterranean season. Veronique is always a pleasure to have onboard. Her experience working in this industry meant everything ran with ease and I could trust her to set up and offer the guests above and beyond 5 star service. The guests love her treatments and would always request for her again. I cannot recommend Veronique enough for her lovely personality and fabulous service.

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Amazing Yacht Masseuse

, Captain of 41m to 50m Chasseur - 04/10/2019-11:01
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Veronique was called upon to massage the owner as well as charter guests onboard Motor Yacht Chasseur numerous times over the past 3 years; anywhere from St. Barts, France and Italy she has always been there for us!
I have contracted her ranging between 1 to 10-days. She has lived onboard both the big boat and the tender for 2 separate charters and massage up to 6 guests a day; depending on the length of the massage.
Veronique carries herself in the most professional manor in front of the guests as well as in crew quarters. I never need to worry about her presentation or etiquette. She always took extra steps to ensure no oil from her hands, guests feet etc. would leave the massage table. She was always extra careful to avoid any possible damages from her table. Veronique even color matches the crews extensive daily uniform! She is really over-the-top fanatic!!
Captain Nicole

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Relaxing and amazing treatments!

, Guests of 41m to 50m - 26/06/2019-09:33
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Thank you very much Veronique for all your amazing treatments, they really allowed us to relax and enjoy our time on the yacht. We look forward to seeing you on another trip soon!

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Pleasure to work with

, Interior Manager of 60m+ Private yacht - 24/06/2019-07:16
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Veronique was utilised at short notice for a 2 week charter during a busy season. She was accommodating and professional. A pleasure to work with, V was knowledgeable in her field on all aspects of massage and easy to work with. She even assisted in training. Will certainly be calling her again!

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