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, RYA Yacht Master Instructor Member of The Cruising Club of America - 03/06/2015-14:00
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We used the ClipperTelemed+ service on our recent voyage in Antarctica. Our vessel carried 12 crew and passengers. Their well being is utmost in our mind. Having the ClipperTelemed+ service in place brought great peace of mind to me and the rest of the crew. We have rebooked the service and recommend it to mariners as the best way of dealing with medical incidents at sea.

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Saved thousands

, Chairman Clearwater Seafoods - 03/06/2015-13:59
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Using this technology we have not only reduced the number of expensive vessel diversions, but significantly improved our ‘at sea’ medical support, and our ranking with WCB and saved in excess of $500,000 annually.

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Expert advice for any medical incident

, CEO Clipper Ventures Plc - 03/06/2015-13:57
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PRAXES Medical Group provided telemedicine services to the 680 crew of the 13/14 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Their unique focus and direction in diagnosing and treating patients onboard had a remarkable effect on crew. Race crew, skippers and medics were only ever a phone call away from an emergency physician providing expert advice for any medical incident whether this was for a major accident, general practise or just for reassurance following an event.

Despite a very similar crew demographic to previous races and despite almost identical incidents the medical case was obvious with crew visits to shore side hospitals and clinics being cut by half over the 11/12 race. Crew confidence received a huge boost knowing that a doctor with remote medical experience and exceptional knowledge of the maritime domain was available to help diagnose and treat them for any illness or injury.

During the race the business consequences were a drop of 57% in travel insurance claims by crew over the previous race.

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