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, Ex-Canadian Navy clearance diver and co-ordinator of Centre de Médecine de Plongée du Québec Centre de Médecine de Plongée du Québec - 14/12/2015-09:27
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We treated a diver this weekend in the Hyperlite (TT6) for 5 hours and everything went as per the planned protocol. The diver was released without any residual symptoms. The quick response to treat the diver was a key factor in the result. Our Doctor was on the phone with the technician and was able to coordinate the treatment from his office here in Lévis Québec.

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Thank you SOS Medical Group

, Hyperbaric Physician - 14/12/2015-09:24
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Sunday was the first time in Canada that we have used a portable hyperbaric chamber in a hospital. The incident followed an uncontrolled ascent from the deep. The Diver received exactly the same treatment as he would have received at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital in Quebec (the nearest alternative hyperbaric facility some 300km away). The portable chamber saves us time, whilst also averting the need to take the patient over high ground, which would aggravate the decompression problem further.

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