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“Complete navigation and compliance management for superyachts”

ChartCo Superyachts is a leader in navigation management for both motor and sailing yachts over 24 metres. The dedicated ChartCo team of navigation experts are available to assist with all navigation and compliance requirements.

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Address: Digital House, Kemps Quay, Quayside Rd. Southampton, United Kingdom SO18 1AD

Operating in: United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)23 80 71 43 00

With offices in the UK and France, ChartCo focus on creating relevant digital services, innovatively priced solutions and delivering unrivalled customer service. In combination with top range of software solutions, ChartCo is equipped for all yachting navigation requirements.

Navigation management

With a complete suite of navigation products, including all admiralty paper and digital products as well as charts from all the other major international hydrographic offices, the ChartCo team will proactively inform crew and captains of all new editions, withdrawals and replacement charts.

Navigation management systems that will help you confidently navigate and meet compliance include:

• Navigation management platform - OneOcean
• Navigation - PassageManager
• Regulations management - Regs4ships
• Environmental compliance - EnviroManager
• Safety and quality compliance - Docmap

With industry leading navigation management platform OneOcean, in combination with PassageManager and Regs4yachts, ChartCo can provide the latest safety-critical navigational information such as notice to mariners plus tracings and blocks for quick and easy chart correcting.

PassageManager is ChartCo’s very own innovative software solution for on-board chart correction and passage planning. For live digital updates, PassageManager can manage all AVS cells, ADPs and ENPs as well as overlaying useful weather and NavArea information on the map in front of the captain and crew.

Digital maritime regulations are kept up to date by ChartCo’s expert team on in-house mariners using compliance database tool Regs4yachts so captains and crew can access all of the very latest IMO, ILO and flag information.

Navigation expertise and service

ChartCo understand the challenges mariners face with new digital navigation, changing regulations as well as managing the increasing demands of the compliance landscape. With an expert team of mariners and surveyors, ChartCo provide market-leading solutions that help captains and crew navigate with confidence and meet compliance with ease.

ChartCo offers expert navigation management with no fuss. With no management fee and a simple approach, ChartCo only charge for the services and products your yacht requires creating a truly personalised experience.

Contact ChartCo today for unparalleled expertise and service, and join 13,000 vessels that already put trust in their experienced hands.

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