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“Innovative navigation and ship-protection systems for yachts and boats"

FarSounder is the world leader in 3D Forward Looking Sonar for navigation and obstacle avoidance. Its innovative technology allows navigators to detect what is below the surface in real-time and 3D, mitigating risks when sailing into unknown waters.

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Based in Rhode Island, U.S.A., FarSounder’s state-of-the-art navigation systems and ship-protection systems keep the owner, the vessel and any passengers safe.

Its unique 3D-sonar technology detects obstacles in the water up to 1,000 meters in front of the ship, so users can enjoy the freedom of exploration and adventure at sea worry-free.

This advanced technology reduces the likelihood of collisions not only with obstacles and threats in the water but also with the ever-changing seafloor. These systems can prevent costly damages to property, the environment, and marine and human lives alike.

Marine-navigation equipment

FarSounder’s innovative navigation and protection systems feature its real-time 3D-sonar technology, which is based on solid-state, phased-array sensors and a suite of sophisticated software applications.

The sonar uses a single sensor, with no moving parts, that is mounted in the bow providing superior navigation capabilities. The Ship Protection System features not only this forward-looking sensor but multiple sensors that are mounted around the vessel to offer 360-degree diver-detection.

Navigation systems

FarSounder’s navigation systems (FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000) generate a true, real-time, three-dimensional image of what is ahead of a vessel up to 1,000 meters. Displayed on an easy-to-understand interface, it paints a clear picture by overlaying 3D forward-looking sonar data on a nautical chart.

Its chart overlay includes the sea floor below and obstacles ahead of the vessel, as well as objects in the water. Phased array technology enables FarSounder’s sonars to generate the entire 3D image with a single ping; unlike scanning sonars, there is no need to wait for a sweep to complete before displaying the image.

FarSounder sonars now feature Local History Mapping (LHM)™. This software application builds a 3D map of the seafloor where a vessel has recently sailed. The map created is updated with every ping and is displayed as an overlay on top of the chart. When used together with real-time sonar, users can quickly see what lies ahead, and what has recently been passed over.

Ship-protection systems

FarSounder’s state-of-the-art 360-degree ship protection system detects underwater threats whilst a yacht is at anchor regardless of the water’s clarity. Attached to the hull, there is nothing to deploy; when a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving the system, allowing for time to focus on a user's next move.

Sophisticated algorithms automatically detect, track and classify possible underwater threats. Easy-to-use analysis tools allow quick human verification of the automated alerts.

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