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“High-quality marine painting and coating manufacturer in Italy”

Located in Como, Italy, Lechler is a leading marine painting and coating manufacturer in Italy and wider Europe.

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Address: Via Cecilio, 17 Como, Italy 22100

Tel: +39 03 15 86 11 1

Since 1883, the Lechler brand has become a leading paint and coating brand within the marine industry. It offers high-quality products paired with experienced services to all Italian and European distributors and the shipbuilding industry.

Full yacht painting and coating range

Lechler offers a full product range and is able to fulfil all yacht building and owners specific needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Antifouling
• Epoxy primers and intermediates
• Lightweight epoxy fillers
• Topcoats
• Clear varnishes
• Teak products

Using Lechler’s technological expertise, these products are constantly evolving to offer all marine clients a reliable and innovative paint result.

1K and 2K paint products

Through Isofan Marine, Lechler offers a colour proposal products range that is unique and distinguished. Its experienced team complete the preparation paint processes in order to guarantee solid, metallic and pearl finishes of matchless gloss, light fastness and ageing resistance on all yachts, including pleasure and sailing boats.

Pain systems made by the following 1K and 2K products:

• Self-polishing and hard matrix antifouling
• 1K and 2K primers
• 1K and 2K undercoats
• Low density fillers
• 2K solid professional top coats
• 1K and 2K enamels
• 1K and 2K varnishes
• Epoxy resins
• Miscellaneous

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