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“At the forefront of superyacht paintwork, polishing and aftercare”

With 15 years’ experience, Deep End is highly skilled in superyacht cosmetic maintenance. Its team is capable of managing all superyacht ceramic paint coatings, application, paint rejuvenation and the overall protection of its client’s vessel.

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Address: 1404 E Las Olas Blvd. Suite #2101 Fort Lauderdale, FL, Florida, USA 33303

Operating in: USA

Tel: +1 954 531 3606

Deep End offers its trademark system called ORCA System™ (Oxidation Removal & Containment Appearance), a proven method used to ensure a superyacht achieves a world-class glossy, wet-finish by restoring and sealing a yacht’s paint and gel coat without damage.

With operations in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and La Ciotat, Deep End’s team is self-contained and operate at an elite level. From superyacht coating projects to paint rejuvenation, its team have high expectations in line with its client’s requirements.

Innovative high-performance polishing system

Deep End's founder has dedicated extensive resources to the refinement of the ORCA System™ to ensure consistency, longevity and uniform results. With proven results, it can prevent oxygen, fallout, acid rain, exhaust and radiation from destroying a superyacht’s coat – extending the life of a vessel.

Superyacht protection solution

Deep End’s ‘ceramic’ coating service is a durable protective solution developed to stop chemical attacks and staining on a superyacht’s exterior coating, while enhancing the gloss and depth of colour. Deep End has dedicated extensive resources to be the authority in next-gen protective coatings.

Its team ensures consistency, integrity and transparency during a superyacht protection project.

Comprehensive topcoat and paint repair service

The company’s contractors are highly capable in handling superyacht paint repairs, blending, corrections and protection. Deep End prides itself on preserving and protecting the paintwork of a superyacht – offering a 10-year paint guarantee warranty.

Superyacht paint services include:

• Extending yacht paint 15 years
• Real Ceramic
• Blisters
• Ceramic engine parts/pieces
• Nics/blemishes
• Antifoul Beelyband Coating
• Hydro/Oleophobics
• Ceramics
• Proper LPU Polishing ensuring future service

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