Palermo Wrapping

Palermo Wrapping is dedicated to providing a quality yacht wrapping service, using products that meet the highest industry standards. Using 3M specially designed adhesive films its team can cover the entire surface of a yacht’s hull or the interior.

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Address: Viale Regione Siciliana Sud-Est, 2280 Palermo, Sicily, Italy 90124

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 09 18 77 81 99

Palermo Wrapping’s team of yacht wrapping specialists use an innovative and alternative technique from the traditional painting that allows to completely or partially cover the surface of the hull or the interior through the use of 3M adhesive films.

The company’s service allows for the possibility of changing a yacht’s colour, with unlimited shades and patterns, or special finishes such as carbon, wood or leather tailored to any type and shade.

3M adhesive films look after covered areas, developing a protective barrier, to ensure the hull remains new.

Innovative yacht wrapping technique

Palermo Wrapping’s yacht wrapping application is quick and economical and can be up to three times less expensive than traditional painting. The film is also resistant to washing (soap and water), outdoor temperatures and UV rays and can protect the yacht from abrasions and scratches.

Removal is possible, leaving the original colour and paint undamaged. Its team can also change the interior of the yacht, with the ability to renew doors, walls, cabinets and any other surfaces that need repairing.

For a yacht wrapping company capable of professionally and efficiently covering the surface of a yacht’s hull or interior, contact Palermo Wrapping.