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Very impressed

, Project Manager / Surveyor of 60m+ - 15/05/2019-21:22
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Having come out of the ship yard with a paint job, we were keen to protect and extend the life of our new paint, especially on parts of the hull around the waterline exhausts. Having struggled for years, using strong chemical cleaning products to remove these marks we searched for a product that would protect the paint and make cleaning easier.

The product that we used is Zertona Ceramic Paint Guardian.

The results have been impressive to say the least. Our Zertona protection cuts down our cleaning time and any stains wash away with just standard boat soap.

I was also impressed by the application process. After being instructed by a member of the Zertona team, the deck crew quickly and easily applied the product.I would fully recommend Zertona Ceramic Paint Guardian. Easy application and great results.

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