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“High-quality, eco-friendly yacht protection solutions”

MS Global Solutions offers a variety of long-lasting, environmentally friendly protective products for yachts, ranging from adhesive film to next generation ceramic coating. It ensures complete project-managed application to minimise yacht disruption

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MS Global Solutions prides itself on offering the best possible yacht protection and cosmetic solutions to the superyacht industry. Insurance-backed for all products and services, MS Global Solutions provides complete project-managed applications at a convenient time for each yacht.

Understanding the importance of long-term protection and cosmetic enhancements, MS Global Solutions strives to deliver the best products at the best prices. To ensure total client satisfaction, it provides clear quotations, a dedicated project manager and high-quality application of its full range of products.

Ceramic coating for yachts and superyachts

MS Global Solutions is committed to delivering long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes, so its product range boasts only the most reliable, industry-leading solutions. It has recently purchased the international distribution and marine rights for PolyZane Protect (PZP) ceramic coatings, manufactured by Sirius Technologies Ltd, which is renowned for its outstanding cosmetic capabilities.

PZP products can be applied to protect yacht hull and superstructure paint jobs, or restore old surfaces. The long-term result guaranteed by PZP products reduces environmental impact and ultimately saves clients money.

MS Global Solutions is the sole international marine distributor of PZP.

Eco-friendly adhesive film for superyachts

MS Global Solutions is also one of the only UK distributors and worldwide applicators of MacGlide adhesive films, suitable for all motor and sail boats. An eco-friendly, biocide-free alternative to conventional antifouling paint, it’s cleaner, increases speed and reduces fuel consumption.

MacGlide products come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Product range

It is finalising a wide range of polishes, soaps, micro fibres and other consumables, which will soon be available via its online sales platform.

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