Cramm Yachting Systems B.V.

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Address: De Seize 7 Berlikum, Netherlands 9041 VC

Tel: +31 (0)5 18 46 16 00

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Very efficient service

, Planner Royal Huisman BV - 27/04/2018-11:07
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For me it is a big advantage that our companies are relatively close to each other. This makes the verbal communication much more efficient. Short lines often work better. So also the follow up of appointments and agreements work well is my experience. What I also notice about Cramm is that in principle everything is negotiable in a good way, as well the somehow bigger challenges. Cramm is a beautiful Dutch company to work together with.

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Great service

, Captain of 31m to 40m M/Y Castellina - 27/04/2018-11:04
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I would like to take the time to thank you for the recent visit from a Cramm engineer. It was great to get him back on board after 16 years to see how the system is now functioning. We found him to be extremely helpful and carried out the assessment with great care and was very thorough.

With the system still functioning well after 16 years of hard service we are certainly going to stick with you for our up and coming major refit next year. You certainly have our trust! With your revolutionary designs, great service, great build quality and dedicated professional engineers, I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone looking for a first class service.

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Quality hydraulic appliances

, Chief engineer of 60m+ M/Y Hermitage - 26/04/2018-10:26
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I have been working with Cramm for many years now, and I can say it has been a pleasure to work with them. The support and co-operation has always been great, and the relationships warm and pleasant. I can recommend this company to anyone that requires quality hydraulic appliances, and hope to continue my work relationship with them for many years to come.

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Highly recommend

, 2nd engineer of 60m+ M/Y Idynasty - 26/04/2018-10:23
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Working with Cramm over the last 3 years has been a pleasure. Cramm equipment is built to a very high standard, and unlike some bespoke equipment found on yachts, has proven to be very reliable. The installation of Cramm equipment has been carried out by experienced technicians with maintenance in mind for access to serviceable components.

Cramm's service engineers are extremely knowledgeable about their systems, routine service visits incorporate thorough inspections of equipment, often detecting potential problems before they occur. Cramm's service engineers are always very careful with keeping clean and not making a mess. Working areas are always very well protected before work commences, and left as found. I would definitely recommend Cramm for hydraulic equipment as one of the leading company’s in the industry.

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