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Address: 50B Spencer Rd. Isle of Wight, United Kingdom PO33 3AD

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No fuss

, . N/A - 31/07/2014-11:07
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We thought Tek-Dek would be cool to have inside and just went ahead and ordered. Asked Tek-Dek what to look out for while preparing the floor. Then they came and didn’t even start….Too complicated! Would you believe that?
But we found a solution! Simon Clark from is a true master of Tek-Dek and didn’t give up. He took up the challenge and succeeded in solving the giant Scrabbler-Jigsaw-Floor and making it a beautiful piece of work. What a transformation!

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Great job

, . N/A - 31/07/2014-11:05
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Simon has done a splendid job of our decks and we are delighted with the result. Quite how he was able to work in the full sun for twelve hours a day for fourteen days defies explanation!

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