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If you have had enough and want to change, then Fedéréric will get you to your goal!!

, Chief Stewardess of 20m to 30m - 07/04/2014-12:07
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I was feeling very low and my self esteem was at rock bottom. I had made a decision that I wanted to change, I had enough of being unhappy. My friends wedding was in April so I had 16 weeks to lose the weight I hated so much. I asked Frédéric to help me. We met 3 times a week and my weight started to drop. In total I lost 13kg and gained my confidence back. I think Frédéric is a fantastic trainer, he's patient and kind. I never dreaded our sessions and felt terrible if I had to cancel. I have said before if you get a chance to train with Frédéric grab it with both hands. You won't regret it!!!

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