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“Complete propulsion systems for yachts and superyachts worldwide”

Piening Propeller specialises in the design, manufacture, distribution and repair of marine propulsion systems for yachts worldwide. Products include yacht propellers, stern gears, keels, bearings and more, with made-to-measure concepts available.

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Address: Am Altendeich 83 Gluckstadt, Germany 25348

Operating in: Germany

Tel: +49 (0)4 12 49 16 80

From its on-site workshop in Glueckstadt, Germany, Piening Propeller designs and manufactures marine propulsion systems for all boats, including yachts, superyachts and high-speed vessels, combining modern design with high-quality materials.

Marine propulsion systems for luxury yachts

Piening Propeller’s marine propulsion systems offer:

• Smooth and silent sailing
• Low vibration levels
• Avoidance of cavitation pitting

Custom propulsion systems

Piening Propeller boasts the most modern computer software and uses CAD to design custom propulsion system based on both client’s ideas and ISO requirements.

Marine foundry and turning shop

Piening Propeller's on-site foundry and turning shop produces:

• Lead keels for sailing yachts
• Stern tubes
• Parts of saltwater proof aluminum acc. to in-house or external construction
• Bearings
• Casting of ends and segments
• Sealings
• Complete shaft systems with propeller shafts
• Shaft brackets
• Rudder stocks with trunks

The company’s turning shop is able to handle parts up to 16 metres in length, up to a diameter of 4 metres and a unit weight up to 10 tons. For larger projects, it utilises partnerships throughout Europe.

Each propeller and shaft produced is rigorously tested on-site to ensure it meets regulation and ISO standards.

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